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Immoral Sisters

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Immoral Sisters
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* Based on a game by ELF;A sincere older step-sister and a curious younger step-sister are doomed to become love slaves.;One day, a house wife named Yukie has a traffic accident. She is ordered to pay a large settlement to the other party, Taketo, the son of the owner/president of Nogawa Industries. Unable to make the settlement payment, Yukie allows Taketo to have her sexually. At the same time, Takato's father, Nogawa, approaches Yukie's step-daughter, Rumi, and blackmails her. His evil scheme even reaches for Tomoko, Yukie's younger step-sister.;(Source: AnimeNfo)

Alternative Name: Ai Shimai: Futari no Kajitsu, 愛姉妹~二人の果実~

Writer: -

Director: -

Genre: Anal, Lolicon, MILF, School Girls, Uncensored, Virgins, Yuri

Producers: Pink Pineapple, Silky’s, NuTech Digital

Date Added: Jul 04, 2015

Release on: 2001

Status: Completed

Rank: 542

Total views: 8220

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